Designing the instructions and leaflets for the Warship kit


We’ve been putting our hard drives through its paces, working on creating the artwork for the new Photo-Etch guide and warship Instruction leaflet. A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of a leaflet that contain all the pertinent information for the assembly of a kit in a simple view.

The layout and style of the packaging box for our kits means we are limited to a final leaflet size of A5, so we have opted for a leaflet that is A3 folded twice, so it’s final size is A5. We print both sides in full colour so we get the full benefit of the space but sometimes the area we work with is still tight!

All detail needs to be included in the leaflet – parts lists, assembly instructions, information on materials and tools etc. We also have a bit of room for some technical information about the warship itself to give a bit of background on the Kydoimos.

Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, we take 3D rendered images from our 3D CAD software and convert them into images that can be used on a layer. Over this, text and iconography is added to give clear explanation to you, the modeller, on how each part needs to be assembled. Each panel shows the steps necessary to build the kit and any items of note such as clear parts, or holes that might need drilling for mounting rods. Separate instructions are provided if you buy the optional GPFX-S Lighting Board & LEDs.


At the same time we’ve created a set of basic instructions for the PhotoEtch parts that come with the warship kit. It was important for us that this be included and since some parts were small, we wanted to include this on a separate A4 folded sheet so that you have as much information as we can provide to know where each part of the PhotoEtch goes.



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