Creative design inspiration for the Medical Console


With the Medical Console, I wanted to follow the line of technological advancement we have set out for the humans in the Hostile Realms™ universe. I took what developments are around the corner for us today – such as smart materials; composites; mini fusion reactors and magnetic rail weaponry – and asked myself how these would look in a hundred years of so. Computing is a lot more powerful, but overall the human race started hitting hard limits without extra terrestrial help.

Have a look at some of the initial concepts and development sketches!

The Human race at this time is a juvenile species of middling intelligence on the galactic scale, given access to alien tech both hundreds of years ahead of their own, and ‘alien’ in it’s implementation. This resulted in humans trying to reverse engineer as much as they could, with varying success, in many cases practically bolting these alien engines onto their own ships and hoping they will maintain hull integrity! I feel this gives the humans a tangible sense familiarity and empathy; Striding forward, making the most of what they can develop, and hoping for the best. True underdogs. I must also mention that the humans spurned the aliens once they got access to their tech, (for better or worse, I wonder?) This has resulted in a split in the evolution of the aesthetic design of the two species.

Initial Med Bay Concepts

Medical Bay Console Concept 1

The console is familiar to those of you with a big powerhouse PC under your desk, with two side compartments dedicated to cooling the extremely dense carbon transistor modules (those of you that run high end computers know that heat is the main inhibiting factor when adding more computing power).Med Bay Detailed Concepts
The Holographic screens are a bit of a misnomer, actually consisting of a silica and carbon based smart material, reshaping and lighting to create complicated raised images. I decided to go for more of a diagnostic super computer to the surgical robot, as the Stasis Pods are capable of sustaining life, so doubling up would be a waste of precious resources.
Med Bay Concept
Scale is important and the Medical Console needs to be within human dimensions so that it can be interacted with by the medical staff, as well as looking good next to the Stasis Pod!
Concept art for the Doctor figure

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