Corismite Mineral

Corismite is a new mineral discovered on several planets near to Flexani space but it is especially found rich in the mines of Asgard, near to XT-67. Due to the advanced uses of this mineral in stardrive technology and manufacture, it is critical to Terran expansion across the universe.

Driven by advances in experimental techniques such as neutron diffraction and available computational power, the latter of which has enabled extremely accurate atomic-scale simulations of the behaviour of Corismite crystals, the science has expanded to address the needs of interstellar travel and drive systems. In particular, the field has made great advances in the understanding of the relationship between the atomic-scale structure of Corismite minerals and their function; in nature, prominent examples would be accurate measurement and prediction of the elastic properties of minerals, which has led to new insight into warp field and dark matter quantum space folding.