Liam Dillon
A Star Trek fan from the first episode shown on BBC2 television way back in 1969, Liam is a Medical Photography Department manager in the UK’s National Health Service. He builds all types of models with a special interest in sci-fi modelling. Having returned to the hobby in 2013, Liam has been improving his modelling skills with the use of modern materials, methods and tools. Liam provided the animation work on our first promotional video and photography of the kit. His ultimate goal in modelling is to build the 1/350th scale Enterprise Refit to a quality that does the model justice!

Woody Stables
Woody is our resident Illustrator who has been instrumental in the development of the artwork and video for Hostile Realms. He is a very talented British digital painter, concept artist and all out geek to the core! He spends most of his day off on another planet or lost in time, and has been fortunate enough to make a career out of turning imagination into designs and concepts. He has worked in pre-production as a concept background designer on the animations for the London Olympic Committee, and as a book cover illustrator for the Naval Histories of WWII series. His creative motto is to dig deep to the source for research and he has certainly done that with the art shown on this site! Hostile Realms is the perfect project for him to get his teeth into and to create some really awesome model concepts.

Neil Wooding
Neil has always had design at his heart. With over 20 years in the gaming industry he understands the processes involved in creating quality packaged goods for the end customer. Using his talent as a designer, as well as his love for models and engineering, he has formed the collective known as Wild House Models to really show the world how British Engineering is still a strong force in the industry. Neil’s love for all things sci-fi has led him to create the Hostile Realms ™ universe and the vision for the kits and their design.

Rick Sternbach
Rick Sternbach has been a space and science fiction artist since the early 1970s, often combining both interests in a project and is also a founding member and Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), which was formed in 1981. Beginning in the late 1970s Rick added film and television illustration and special effects to his background, with productions like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Last Starfighter, Future Flight, and Cosmos, for which he and other members of the art team received an Emmy award, the first for visual effects. Rick also twice received the coveted Hugo award for best professional science fiction artist, in 1977 and 1978. With the rebirth of Star Trek, beginning with The Next Generation, Rick was one of the first employees hired to update the Trek universe. He created new spacecraft, tricorders, phasers, and hundreds of other props and set pieces. Using pencil, pen, and computer, Rick added Deep Space Nineand Voyager to his spacecraft inventory, and kept his hand in real space design with Voyager’s Ares IV Mars orbiter (blessed by planetary scientist Dr. Bruce Murray). Rick contributed graphic designs for the recent Star Trek Nemesis feature film, including the new Romulan bird of prey and Senate chamber floor. He also provided computer playback graphics and animation elements for Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, and is now providing freelance design for new starships for the Hostile Realms™ universe.

Mati Zander
As Art Director at Painting Buddha, Mati has been sculpting since 2009. He has worked as a commissioned sculptor in both digital and physical mediums for a range of different clients. He’s joined the Wild House Model team to apply some of his extraordinary talent to new ships, figures and elements of the Hostile Realms universe. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany with his family. Mati was always interested in ‘artsy’ things from playing music; painting and drawing to sculpting. He also spent some time living in Spain for a few years to learn the art and craft of instrument making. Mati occasionally teaches sculpting as well as working hard on new ideas for us!

Bernie Pottrell
Bernie started off his career as a purely mechanical engineer, with a passing interest in primitive electronics ‘way back when’. He currently runs a small business designing and building electronic circuits to provide lighting effects for models. Model making has always been a hobby of Bernie’s since he was a young boy, and initially he used to combine his love of electronics by delving into radio control and simple lighting. He began by first making a lighting kit for a fellow modeller’s starship and very soon, had an avalanche of requests for similar kits. Before long, he was up to his neck in LEDs and solder!

Bill Tait
Bill’s retail and commercial background has been instrumental in supporting the Team. He has been developing and building model kits since he was a youngster, but more recently worked on several ‘scratchbuild’ projects.