Concept sketches for Nurse Disessa


Our resident artist Woody has once again, been creating some concept art for the medical staff and has created this very lovely Nurse Disessa figure that will feature as part of the Medical Console kit. This new 1:24 scale figure will be an extra to the Medical Console kit in the same high quality resin as our other kits.

These are early concept art sketches of the new figure being created for the Hostile Realms™ universe and will complement the medical console. The figure pose has yet to be defined but will most likely interact in some way with the Medical Console like the doctor figure. However, this will not be part of the main kit and it will be sold as an extra. Woody has been thinking hard about the level of technology by 2097 which is the timeline that the Hostile Realms™ universe is set in and this includes haptic feedback systems, VR headsets and cybernetic implants.

Concept of nurse Disessa

More on this figure soon.



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