Civilian HoverBike kit painting progress


One of our partners has been painting up a version of the ORCA HoverBike & Rider kit for us over the past week and here are the latest progress pictures. The kit still needs the Decals to be added but is now finished and we will be using some photo’s of this build on the packaging artwork.

To prepare to get the final artwork printed for the boxes, we are painting up a couple of versions of the kit – one Civilian and one Military style in Khaki. Here are some progress images of the kit being painted and more will follow next week once the decals have been applied.

A light grey base was applied and then some coloured panels added to add some splashes of colour to the main side panels.hoverbike_paint_9


Pre-shading was done in order to highlight some of the lines and definition detail on the main kit section. Here is the base of the kit and some darker colour applied.hoverbike_paint_8

Weathering was next added to show that the HoverBike was being flown aggressively by the rider!

Next up, the Rider himself was given a coat of paint with detail being picked out in different colours for the various body armour and gloves. We’ve chosen to paint up the bare headed figure but the kit comes with a helmeted head option too. hoverbike_paint_5

The Bike is now complete with the rear seat and main engine in place, stabiliser fins and the side compartments for storage added and a green layer of paint applied. Final weathering detail and chipping was then added.





If you want to see the video of the unboxing of the parts, here is our latest video…



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