Filling the gaps – Build Blog Part 6


In this new entry the Stasis Pod assembly moves along with me adding in the final electronics and sealing the two main halves together before apply putty to the seamlines.

In Part 6 of my Blog, I’ll explain how I’ve gone about this stage….

Glueing the LED Ring into placeFirst step this week was to take the assembled LED Ring which I put together in Part 2 of my Blog and to glue it in place on one half of the Stasis Pod side panel. I used CA Glue for this as it needed to be held in place securely.

Next, I applied a small amount of hotglue to the inside of the side panel to hold the wiring in place. Not really necessary but I felt I didn’t want anything to come loose.

You can see in the photo below, the assembled panel and electronics in place with the Magnetic Switch in the top and the LED Ring at the top of the main chamber. What is missing is the top white SMD light that forms the light at the top of the Pod.

Electronics now in place

Next, it was a simply matter of applying CA Glue to both halves of the Stasis Pod and holding them in place while the glue set. This only takes a few seconds so make sure you don’t glue your fingers to the Pod!

Since the two halves are joined down the centre, the kit does need some work to seal the join line so out with the trusty putty tube. In the photo below you can see the raw putty layered over the join and left to set. Normally I leave the putty around 12 hours to set and harden which is more than enough time.

Puttying up the seamlines

The join line on the back was also filled, prior to sanding as well as the inside of the Stasis Pod chamber, which wil be mostly hidden by the figure but I wanted to be thorough.

Puttying up the seamlines

My next blog entry will show the progress on sanding, priming, re-filling and re-sanding to get a smooth join line.

However, while the putty was drying I did a quick coating on the smaller pipes with Alclad Duralinimum to given then a polished feel similar to the main master pipe in my previous blog entry. Here are the pipes drying…

Applying paint to the small pipes

Close-up of the smaller pipes after spraying.

Applying paint to the small pipes





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