Pipes, Pipes and Piping… Build Blog Part 4


In this blog entry I have spent some time working on the pipework on the Stasis Pod, applying several layer of paint and chipping effect to the parts to get the right weathered effect.

In Part 4 of my Blog, I’ll explain how I’ve gone about this stage….

Loads of Pipes!In my last entry, I applied a base coat of primer and dark acrylic paint for the pipes in order to give them a base for the Alclad. In this blog post, I worked on applying the final cover coat but first, wanted to give the pipes a weathered effect so used the ‘salt chipping’ method to get some great detail.

First, simply wet the part and then, using a mixture of fine and coarse grain Sea Salt, sprinkled liberally over the wet surface. Leave to dry for a while and the salt will adhere to the base coat ready for spraying.

I used Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue over the salt chippings around the pipework joints. These are the pieces that have the ‘clip’ detail and join the two halves of the main pipe together.

Next, I covered up the Metallic Blue paint with masking and sprayed the first coat of the Alclad Duralinimum silver to the body of the main piping.

Applying the Alclad

Humbol Masking Solution

Here, in the photo below, you can see one side painted in Metallic Duralinimum and the other with the base primer. I decided that Masking Tape was going to be a challenge to keep applying so opted to use Humbol Maskol solution which can be painted on with a fine brush and 20 minutes later, sprayed. Once completed, all you need do is peel off the masking to expose the new paint.

Main Pipe with chipping and alclad


I wanted to give the effect of the pipework being part of a weathered environment and make the Stasis Pod well used aboard the vessel.

Next, was careful application of layers of rust from leaked fluid out of the pipes as well as around the main joint seals. I also weathered up the glossy main pipes with some darker Alclad paint.

In the photo below you can see this detail added. The clips have also been painted too with Tamiya XF-8 Flat Blue and then some Silver for the clip detail.

Pipework with weathering and detail added

A slightly better lit shot below in more natural light showing the main pipework for the Stasis Pod now finished. The Alclad Duralinimum has really worked well despite some initial challenges with using this type of paint and the chipping effect has given the parts a great weathered effect.

Two Main Pies

As one final piece of work in this entry, I applied a base grey colour to the 70mm Captain Kass figure ready for the suit to be painted. I’m opting to paint her some basic colours and insert her into the main Stasis Cylinder to be lit by the LED Lighting kit. I’m opting for a light grey and Orange paint scheme with some metallic paint effects on parts of her outfit.

70mm Captain Figure

Magnetic Switch closeupI decided I needed to start to work on the main body of the Stasis Pod next. Since I’ve chosen to add in our wonderful custom LED lighting Board the first step in this process is to glue to the magnetic switch to the inside of the righthand side panel.

Applying a little hotglue mounted the switch in position and I used hotglue to also keep the wiring in place as it feeds down inside of the panel to the base where the board is located. You can see in my photo below how easily the wire and switch is positioned ready for assembly. Next, I worked on preparing the 2 white SMD lights and glued these in place too.

Magnetic Switch in place


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