Brilliant review by Sci Fi Fantasy Modeller Magazine


Sci Fi Fantasy Modeller Mag vol 35

Well here it is, the brilliant SciFi Fantasy Modeller Magazine volume 35! Wild House Models has the great pleasure of being included in the magazine with a full 8 1/2 page spread including an article on the build of the kit by Iain Costall. Read all about the history too of Wild House Models in our companion article.

We’re very excited to get our copy of SciFi Fantasy Modeller Magazine in the mail today and the great review on our kit. Turn to page 72 for an amazing set of photos from the build together with an article by our founder-in-chief on the history of Wild House Models, and how the company was formed. In Iain’s words “… overall I’m extremely impressed with this kit and thoroughly enjoyed the build.”

Sci Fi Fantasy Modeller Mag vol 35

We have a sample of the photo’s in the magazine in our Gallery section but if you want to get hold of the magazine and read the full article, head over to to get a copy of the magazine for £14.95 + postage. Alternatively, if you’re based in the US you can order direct from CultTV Man for $24.95 plus shipping.



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