Alien Languages


Of the known races discovered by human interstellar travellers, we have identified 2 races - the Dall and Flexani - who both have written and spoken language forms. These complex forms of cuneiform-based Alien languages have been mapped to the standard English alphabet but it is understood that Flexani has more symbols and characters - much like Chinese in complexity.

Dall writing is derived from line and dots which the dot acting as an emphasis on the word. It is also understood from linguists that Dall castes use different variant forms of the base language with the Elite using a more advanced form, whereas the Worker caste use a much cruder form.

Meanwhile the Flexani race use a complex line character set with patterns of characters forming multiple meanings on their placement in a 4-block set. Content words in the Flexani language contains, and may consist only of root morphemes. However, sometimes the term "root" is also used to describe the word minus its inflectional endings, but with its lexical endings in place. For example, chatters has the inflectional root or lemma chatter, but the lexical root chat. Inflectional roots are often called stems, and a root in the stricter sense may be thought of as a monomorphemic stem.

As a Polysynthetic language, Flexani, have words composed of many morphemes in a 4-symbol block. The Flexani word "təmeyŋəlevtpəγtərkən", for example, meaning "I greet a new companion", is composed of eight morphemes t-ə-meyŋ-ə-levt-pəγt-ə-rkən that may be glossed. The morphology of such languages allows for each consonant and vowel to be understood as morphemes, while the grammar of the Flexani language indicates the usage and understanding of each morpheme.