A Test Video of the new GPFX-s Lighting Board in action


We have set up a test rig of the new lighting board – the GPFX-s. We wanted to test out the new circuit board with the code for the new O.R.C.A. HoverBike kit as this is the kit coming out shortly, so we’ve created a short video of the rig in action powered by the new GPFX-s Lighting Board.

GPFX-board-with-scaleAs you may already know, this small but powerful Board uses an ATtiny841 at its heart to power the effects which is based on the Arduino. This provides a very versatile chipset enabling us to produce some great routines and lighting effects from combined LEDs and switches.

In the video below, Bernie Pottrell, our resident electronics expert walks through the set-up of the rig and explains how the new HoverBike model kit code will function.



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