A Scratchbuilder’s Pipe Dream!


pipework_image2_580x350pxAs one of the more unusual items that Wild House Models are producing as a range of extra kit parts, is pipework based on the Stasis Pod pipes. We’ve created over 20 different designs now in a variety of styles, sizes and diameters and these are in the final stages of being cast to be going into our store in the next few weeks.

A4-Pipework-Leaflet-optimisedWe created, using SolidWorks3D, 12 more designs to add to the existing 6 from the Stasis Pod kit and they are shown below in the 3D render.All of the pipes vary in length and diameter from 20mm to 70mm long and a PDF here shows you the final detail in each pipe, with their dimension indicated. We see these pipes being an instrumental part of scratchbuilders and for modellers making dioramas and scenes that need pipes mounted onto walls or on the surface of a new spaceship.pipework_image3_580x350px

Here is a quick render of ALL of the pipes that will be in the kits. We are planning a range of packs including a mixture of the pipes and we are going to also offer a bespoke service to allow you to order the right type and amount of individual pipes as you require. This option will be added to our Store soon. Model-Pipe-Designs-and-Stasis-Pod-Pipes-p2Here are the final pipes 3D printed and ready to go off for casting. Some of the pipes on the left are slightly darker as they are from the Stasis Pod kit and we’re produced at an earlier time.


The pipes are shown here in the first stage of the moulding process, assembled in clay ready for the first silicone pour that will create the mould for the resin.scratchbuilders-pipework-2

And here are some of the finished pipes coming fresh out of the moulds!scratchbuilders-pipework


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