3D Production has begun on the new warship


We have some updates on the new Hostile Realms™ warship designed by Star Trek artist Rick Sternbach. Our talented team of designs are working on the 3D model together to ensure that the components and design of the final model kit parts is as close to the concept art from Rick as we can get.

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Since we first started to talk to Rick about a new starship for the Hostile Realms™ universe, a lot of work has been done. Rick’s initial concept art presented some nice designs and we had quite a few designs to choose from in his signature style! We are planning more kits from Ricks’ concepts in 2016….


Ship concepts by Rick Sternbach

Rick moved onto more detailed sketches and artwork which gave us the added detail for the vessel we were looking to create. Rick prefers to work in pen and paper so his artwork so it was a few weeks before progress was seen by the team.WarshipTop-optimised

Rick then created a foamboard & paper mock-up model to get a sense of scale and form.warship_4

So once Rick had done his work, he passed over the final blueprints and drawings over to the team who have taken his high resolution artwork into CAD and started to work on rendering up the 3D Model. Here are some early screens from the modelling software package that shows the work done by the team so far. As you can see, the CAD model is sticking as closely as possible to the overall design from Rick but we are making some minor changes to ensure continuity with the other kits in our range.

Below is the top elevation view of the warship with main deck and shielding, basic structure and form of the vessel.


Here is the underside of the main section with the lower fin and plasma weapon grids. You can clearly see the hexagonal escape pods on the surface of the ship.warship-3d-render-2


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