1:24 Pilot now going into production. 3D Parts being primed!


Pilot_SC_06We have been sending digital files galore to our 3D Printing partner here in Cambridge, UK over the past few weeks and we’ve received the latest kit to be printed – the new 1:24 scale Pilot figure!

We spent a lot of time working on the detail and backstory for this figure and we wanted to create the kit with a few options shown in the digital renders below.




The 3D printed parts have reproduced the detail very well indeed although some level of really fine detail is lots in the printing process. We’ve primed the parts and will check them for any defects, but hope to have this ready for sending to the caster in the next few days.

The kit enables you to build it with the pilot holding his helmet in his right hand, resting the helmet on his hip with his face fully exposed, or you can assemble him with his helmet on, and his right hand resting on a plasma gun and holster.pilot_1

The head has reproduced the detail in the original digital file pretty well and the final printed face part retains the cybernetic impacts in his face and cheeks!



We will update you on the kits progress at the caster and hope to be selling this before April!




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